The Kuwaiti Journal of Health Care Management (KJHCM) is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal in the field of health care management and policy.


The KJHCM accepts two types of papers: original research articles and review articles. For more information, please refer to the author instructions. Follow-up correspondence referring to papers previously published in KJHCM will be considered for subsequent issues.

The scope of KJHCM is very broad. The journal takes a broad definition of health care management, encompassing diverse areas as health systems management; organization and financing of health care; health care policy and reform; health economics; health care quality and patient safety; access; and health care costs. The journal focuses on the latest developments, trends, and experiences in all areas of health care management and policy. Papers from around the world are encouraged.

Editorial Policy

The journal neither compensates nor charges authors for their submitted works, and does not compensate its editors, editorial board members, or peer reviewers for their time and service.

KJHCM is a peer-reviewed journal. All manuscripts are screened by the journal editors for whether they are within the scope of the journal and whether they are previously published elsewhere, plagiarized, or of insufficient interest to the readership of the journal. Manuscripts that do not fit KJHCM's mission or are of insufficient interest to journal's readership will be 'desk rejected'. This initial editorial review is carried out within 10 days of submission.

Suitable manuscripts are then peer-reviewed. KJHCM uses a double-blinded peer review system. After masking the identity of the authors, manuscripts are sent to at least two peer reviewers with expertise in the works' field of research. After the review process is completed, the review reports and the reviewer's suggestions (whether to accept 'as is', revise, or reject) are sent to the editors. The review process may take 6-8 weeks. For papers requiring revision, the review report is sent to the author. Reviewers' names will remain confidential but their comments will be relayed to the author. Based on input from reviewers, a decision is made by the editors whether to accept the manuscript for publication. The editors aim for a final decision to be made within 8-10 weeks. In case the manuscript is rejected, authors can formally appeal.

Throughout the process, authors will be notified by email of the status of their submitted manuscripts.

KJHCM editors abide by COPE Code of Conduct for journal editors and adhere to its best practice guidelines.

Plagiarism Policy

KJHCM has a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism. All submissions will be carefully examined for proper citing and referencing. Manuscripts resorting to any form of plagiarism will be rejected. If a plagiarized manuscript has been published, it will be taken off the journal's website once a determination of plagiarism has been made. In addition, the journal's editorial office will determine the appropriate steps to ensure that further instances of plagiarism are avoided and the journal's readership notified. In extreme cases, authors may be barred from submitting or publishing further manuscripts to the journal.

Copyright Policy

KJHCM is an open-access journal. It does not charge readers access fees. All works published in KJHCM are freely available via the journal's website. The authors retain copyright ownership in their works, and readers are free to download, distribute, and modify as long as the original authors and source are properly attributed.

Creative Commons License

All works published in KJHCM are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License (CC BY-NC 3.0), which allows redistribution of the work while the authors retain copyright ownership.

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