Author Guidelines

The Kuwaiti Journal of Health Care Management (KJHCM) is a new, open-access, peer-reviewed journal in the field of health care management and policy. The journal accepts two types of papers: research articles and review articles. The following guidelines will help authors to correctly format and submit their papers to the KJHCM. Please read this information carefully before submitting papers to the KJHCM.


KJHCM accepts manuscripts within the broad definition of health care management. The journal is interested in manuscripts on all areas of health care management, including but not limited to health systems management; organization and financing of health care; health care policy and reform; health economics; health care quality and patient safety; access; and health care costs. Manuscripts must have implications for health care policy or management. Manuscripts without a clear link to health care management or health care policy will not be considered for publication. Author are encouraged to inquire about the appropriateness of their manuscripts for KJHCM. Please send inquiries to the editors here.

Type of Paper

Authors are required to determine which of the following types of paper they are submitting.

  • Research Articles. These papers should present the findings from original empirical research. Both quantitative and qualitative methods are accepted. Research articles should be between 3000 and 4000 words (excluding references) in length with up to 40 references and up to 5 illustrations/tables. All research articles should have the following headings: Abstract, Introduction (or Background), Methods, Results, Discussion, and References. Authors may use additional headings if needed e.g. Conclusions. In all cases, research papers should have clear implications for health care practice, policy, and/or management. Authors are particularly encouraged to develop policy recommendations based on the findings of their research. Authors are encouraged to include text boxes their research 'key points' that should summarize the new findings from the research.
  • Review Articles. These papers do not present original research findings. Rather, they accumulate the findings of multiple research papers on a particular topic (related to health care management or policy) into a comprehensive, evidence-based review of the literature. Authors who wish to submit a review article are advised to contact the editors before submitting their work. Review articles should not exceed 5000 words (excluding references) in length with a maximum of 100 references. The use of color illustrations and tables is encouraged. Review articles should detail the methods, data sources, and keywords used. Review articles should have a structure similar to research articles. Review articles should not have more than four authors. Please see below for authorship criteria.
  • For subsequent issues, KJHCM will consider publication of follow-up correspondence referring to papers that were previously published in the journal. Instructions for authors regarding correspondence will be published after the inaugural issue is released.

    Manuscript Style and Formatting

    KJHCM accepts papers written in English. Manuscripts should be word-processed with a margin of at least 4 cm on the left-hand side. Authors are encouraged to format their manuscripts, such as highlighting headings or subheadings and highlighting key points. Pages should be numbered consecutively. The first page should be reserved for only the title of the article, authors' names (in order), qualifications, email addresses, and institutional affiliations, if any. For manuscripts with multiple authors, the contact details of the corresponding author should be provided, including their name, email address, telephone number, and postal address.

  • Titles should be concise and descriptive.
  • Abstracts must be written in a single paragraph and must not exceed 200 words in length. They should ideally be structured under the headings used in the paper. Authors should choose keywords (up to 6) to identify the characteristics of their work.
  • Tables can be submitted at the end of the document or in a separate spreadsheet file (e.g. Excel). Every table used should be referred to in the text. Acronyms, symbols, or abbreviations should be defined, if appropriate.
  • Illustrations and figures can be submitted in either color or greyscale. They should be submitted as individual files rather than embedded in a document. Image files should be high resolution (e.g. at least 300 PPI) and can be submitted in PNG, JPEG, or TIFF formats. For initial submission, however, high resolution image files are not required. Every illustration should be referred to in the text. Legends should be provided if necessary, but should be made short and descriptive.
  • References must be in Harvard referencing style. For guidelines and examples, please refer to the Manchester Business School's version of Harvard referencing style here.
  • Manuscript Submission

    Submissions can be sent to Manuscripts should be submitted in either a Word document (DOC or DOCX) or rich text format (RTF). They should be accompanied by a covering letter indicating why the manuscript is appropriate for KJHCM. Authors are required to have made a substantive contribution to the paper. The contributorship of all co-authors should be identified. All co-authors should have participated in the study design; collection, analysis, and interpretation of data; drafting or revising the article; and giving the final approval of the version of the article to be published. For further guidance on authorship and contributorship, please refer to the ICMJE guidelines.

    For manuscripts to be considered for publication in KJHCM, they should be original, well-written, and relevant to health care management. Manuscripts should not have been previously published, accepted for publication, or are under consideration by any other journal. Once submitted to KJHCM, manuscripts should not be submitted for publication elsewhere until a decision regarding their publication in KJHCM is reached. The editors aim to reach a final decision within 8-10 weeks of submission.

    Authors are required to declare any conflict of interests and any sources of funding, if any. All research papers must be approved by an ethics committee; submissions of research papers should be accompanied by a proof of approval by an ethics committee.

    Once a manuscript is submitted, the corresponding author will receive an acknowledgment of receipt by email with a manuscript-specific reference code. The corresponding author should cite the reference code in all correspondence relating to their submitted manuscript. All submissions will be screened and triaged by the journal editors. Suitable manuscripts will be sent to at least two reviewers with expertise in the manuscript's field of research. Based on the reviewers' reports and recommendations, a decision is made by the editors whether to accept the manuscript for publication as it is, revise it, or reject it. The corresponding author will be notified of the progress of their submission by email. KJHCM editors aim to reach a final decision to accept or reject the manuscript for publication within 8-10 weeks of submission.

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